Friday, October 16, 2015

poem of the day 10.16.15

the boys

the mets
have won something
not everything
but to fandom they’ve won
and this morning
i think about the boys in rooney’s pub
their frayed mets caps
drunk shouting at another loss on the tv
beer bellies in orange and blue t-shirts
the diehards the lovable losers
in the city that never sleeps
the second class kids
whose women were fucking their friends
behind their backs
using pocket change for another short beer
because they’d been stool-side since nine in the morning
screaming at the poor
unfortunate soul on the mound
in classic and current games
spilling whiskey
fist raised at a 52-inch
giving legends mex and darling the business
romancing 1986 mookie and buckner
that cocky team that used to menace my pirates
back in pittsburgh
benny and ivan talking 1969
like it would never get that good again
carter and straw and doc and the not-so-new kid wright
clendenon and hodges and seaver
and tug and piazza and koosman
a mix of history and names over the decades
golden ghosts over the dusty bar
giving hope to the hopeless sports fan
and this morning
now they have it
those old drunks from long-gone rooney’s pub
waking into hangover bliss
a new strut in their liquid steps
to wherever you’re hanging your sorrows
now my boys
for the millionaire kids playing upon your memories
here today
please lift your aching heads.                                        

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