Tuesday, October 13, 2015

poem of the day 10.13.15

a sort of disappointment

there’s some ruckus
in one of the rooms in o’neill’s pub
some drunk old broad
interrupting people watching the united states
get their asses handed to them
in the rugby world cup
the bartender calls the cops in
one cop instead of the riot squads
that descend on minor disruptions in the states
and he’s ruddy-faced
looks like he was somewhere getting pissed
before this happened to his evening
he gets her out of the room
this horrible yellow-toothed beast
who looks like she digested the whole of ireland
and is itching to fart it back out
she’s belligerent too and won’t go
he’s begging with her
says, look for the last time
you simply got to leave the bar
she spins and throws her heft into him
curly howard style
knocking his hat sideways
screams, you leave the fookin’ bar
as my wife and i sit there and wait for it
her pushed to the ground
flat on her fat belly
his gun out
knee to the back of her neck
choking out her sulfuric essence
as he calls for back-up
but all the cop does is grab her by the arm
and haul her drunken ass away
as people go back to the match
as the south african team scores
on america again
and i go back to my aspall suffolk cider
feeling strange
somewhat disappointed

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