Wednesday, October 28, 2015

poem of the day 10.28.15

well fuck you too i guess

the article tells me
29% of americans don’t read the daily news
that’s 29% who are ill-informed
and another 71% who are most likely being lied to
it’s easy to see why things
are so fucked up here in the land of liberty
why those pasty-faced leeches
are getting away with murder down in d.c.
and the ones running for president
stack up the crazy shit they say by the pound
to the hoots and hollers of the hoi polloi
god bless america, somehow we’ve lost the plot
and have let the salivating wolves in to guide us
we may have never had it to begin with
so another black girl gets dragged across a classroom
to a dozen videos showing another brute cop
three cell phone camera angles like they were shooting a film
and countless memes and angry tweets later
ask 29% of americans what’s going to happen next
because i’m sure most of them are consulting god
instead of taking it to the streets
after all, religion is the last refuge of the coward
no, wait, i think that’s patriotism
if you ask me i’ll tell you ain’t shit going to happen
like shit never happens here in freedomland
i mean i didn’t just cross the rio grande, you know
it’s easy to go ahead and get disgruntled
even i want to jump ship most of the time
but, damn, there’s too much salt water floating around
a world melting like an ice cream cone in july
or maybe we should batten down the hatches
get ready for the next hurricane or super storm
a surge of all the bile we’ve managed to kick up
get ready for another black kid to get dragged across the linoleum
shot dead or suffocated or whatever these pigs in a blanket
call law and order here
i don’t have a cell phone so i won’t be there for the photo op
i’ll just grab a coke and stream the genocide online
and to the kid who told me to go and fuck myself
well, those might’ve been the kindest words
that i’ve heard in a long while
you got it right first time out the box, son
here’s to honesty, man, in a nation that so sorely needs it

oh….and the same goes for you.                                                           

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