Friday, October 30, 2015

poem of the day 10.30.15

human resources

i can’t help it i’m hungover on no sleep
upright in this hard wooden chair human
resources department lady telling me all
about my benefits i think what benefits?
last night was sunday night it might as well
have been friday night holy saturday night
for all of the drinking piss alley carousing i did
and now here i am stuck here for forty hours
a week because the student loan people
have come calling to collect on four years
of heartbreak and misery and missed chances
fourteen thousand dollars a year to shuck books
check out books return books give library cards
listen to old ladies tell me they pay my salary
not even enough to move out on my own
get a car get anything when i took the job
my old man said, well, at least you’re
gainfully employed gainfully? what does
that even mean? i can feel my eyes closing
here want to sleep maybe vomit should’ve
eaten something this morning maybe not
this HR woman’s voice drones on and on
tells me by thirty i’m going to have to opt
in for the pension or they’ll garnish my wages
thirty? what’s that? pension? bad dreams the
both of them i tell her mmm hmmm my
eyes lead weights i know they’re gonna close.


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