Friday, October 23, 2015

poem of the day 10.23.15

at least we’re not talking about guns

he says
maybe trump’ll make you all get hair
like his
imagine tha’?
a whole country of people
with tha’ monstrous hair stacked up on yer heads
millions of you
and what about his plans to build a wall?
i mean is he serious?
i don’t know, i say
i watch the other tourists looking confused
at finding themselves suddenly off grafton street
i’m not really interested in being
the spokesman for america
….but here we go again
he says
does he even realize
how much a wall like tha’ would cost?
i don’t think he cares, i say
that’s obvious, he says
i know he’s got millions in his bank but…
yeh see, the problem
with you americans
is that you still believe in your politicians
he says
here in ireland
we know they’re all arsehols
so we treat them like the arseholes they are
and then go off for a piss
in the local boozer
americans only drink on the weekends, i tell him
looking up at a portrait of saintly drunk brendan behan
they vote sober, i add
good christ, he says
well that explains everything
then we’re silent for a while
as the guinness settles for a second pull
then he laughs
it would still be funny though, he says
a whole country of yeh
walking around this lil’ world
with all tha’ fookin’ hair.


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