Thursday, July 13, 2017


The Hymn to Boredom

We passed the factory
with the roof collapsed
passed the house she grew up in
passed another house she grew up

she didn’t want to go down that road
the heroin is out of control there
anyone who is driving is looking to score
or turn a trick to score

She lost the wheel to her car here
her virginity there, these are small town
stories, I deal in stories
she asks me again
if I’m bored
not the first time over
the past few days she has
I’m not, the world is timelines
the world is stories

I was riding around with another friend
a few months back catching up
talking about jesus and serial killers
she worried I may be bored

The world moves too fast
we are chasing out tails
doing circles around uncertain futures
I love listening, I love being still
it’s rare I find myself bored
when I do, its welcome
a respite, a moment I can
shut off my  crazy brain
enjoy living in just one moment

--Jason Baldinger

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