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WineDrunk SideWalk: ShipWrecked in TrumpLand week TWENTY FIVE wrap-up

First and foremost a HUGE thank you to Ally Malinenko for taking the reins on last week’s wrap-up. She could tell my blood pressure was getting high.

What are we at now? Week TWENTY FIVE? Anyone else feel like this asshole has been president forever?

You know….i don’t know what it is about DOUCHE MOTHERFUCKER JR that makes me want to punch him so much…maybe it’s his weak chin or his smug smirk.  Maybe it’s that greaseball, Wall Street, Patrick Bateman prick haircut of his. Maybe it’s how he and that one-eye slug of a brother of his go to Africa and shoot endangered animals like wannabee tough guys…or maybe it’s DOUCHE Jr. Meeting with Kremlin-connected Russian lawyer last summer to get dirt on Hillary Clinton shortly after his lying, cheating, raping, misogynistic, racist, sexist old man got the Domestic Terrorist Organizations nomination for president. True, people who work on campaigns often have these types of meetings….they don’t, however, usually have them with hostile governments, who actively tried (succeeded) in disrupting our national election.

To recollect: DOUCHE Jr., along with Paul “the patsy” Manafort and DOUCHE-in-Law Jared “lil bitch” Kushner met with Russian lawyer, Natalia Veselnitskaya on June 9, 2016 (about a month before DOUCHE himself came out and publically begged his boyfriend Putin to hack Clinton’s email server and find more) for a meeting about information they had on Hillary Clinton…a meeting they all denied having at first and then turned into a meeting about Russian adoption…and then became about a whole hell-of-a lot more. What does this mean?  Well, probably not much…at least right now with the House and Senate both being held hostage by a bunch of spineless, corporate shills. But this is the first proof that there WAS a meeting between DOUCHE’s staff and associates of the Kremlin.  If DOUCHE doesn’t have Bob Mueller fired….more to come?

You damned right more to come....on Tuesday DOUCHE Jr. actually took it upon HIMSELF to admit to soft collusion with the Kremlin by BEATING the New York Times to the punch by releasing a chain of emails that basically said DOUCHE Jr. would LOVE IT if the Russian Government, who fully admitted in the emails to wanting to help DOUCHE win the 2016 presidential election, had some dirty information on that Nasty Woman herself, Shoulda-Been President Clinton I'm took 25 weeks of writing a good portion of this ridiculous, terrifying, admit-tingly fun at times, nation-ending bullshit....but DOUCHE and Co. finally shocked me...not
because an admission of soft collusion on DOUCHE Jr.'s part happened....i expected that....I'm just
finally shocked at how completely and totally stupid these people are...the whole DOUCHE family....and I think, overall, that they prove that having money, access to money, doesn't not
prove intelligence....and it also goes to show, six month's deep into this asshole's administration, that here in the good ol' U.S. of KKK, as long as the economy running you could have a felt puppet with a 1-inch penis running the country and it would still sort of function.

oh...and that sound you're hearing...that's not crickets....that's the sound of the GOP responding to these latest developments. Except Orin Hatch who called the whole thing a big "nothinigburger." you know...i ate at nothingburger gave me the shits.

And while DOUCHE Jr. is planning his summer vacation to Moscow, our very own Domestic Terrorist Organization, the GOP, is also delaying its summer vacation in August by two weeks so that they can repeal and replace Obamacare with something maybe not-as-sinister as their last attempt at governing, but surely something that'll fuck old people, the poor, people of color and women...because what is a GOP law unless it harms those people? Mitch "Kentucky Neck" McConnell blames the obstructionist Democratic party for the latest of what will be many GOP set-backs at they pretend to govern....THE OUT OF POWER "obstructionist" democratic about your bullshit lines...the GOP doesn't even NEED the democratic party to pass policy at this point....Christ, if I ran the GOP during these times, kids would be able to get a free gun with their fucking Happy Meal at McDonald' talk about the inability to get things done....but consider the source of the criticism of Democrats...Mitch....this coming from a man who blocked President Obama's Supreme Court nominee during his whole last year in office.

That pesky Climate Change reared its ugly head again this week....a piece of the continent of Antarctica, some say the size of the state of Delaware, broke off and is now floating out there in the ocean as a glaring example of our changing climate. The initial crack in the shelf began in 2014. The good news is that the brand new iceberg will NOT raise ocean levels as the fucker was already floating around anyway....the bad read THIS for the bad news.

The GOP unveiled their new version of their Death Care Bill.  Me reading about health care is like me reading care. I barely understand it. I don't even really go to the doctor's because of severe white coat and an ego that will not allow ANYONE to tell me that something is wrong with me....but I do know this. Ted Cruz is happy with the new Death Care Bill....and when Ted Cruz is happy...people die.

Hey...did you know that AmeriKKKa and France are old allies? Yeah....neither did DOUCHE until he landed in Paris....Somebody has been catching up on their history...that or the old man is lingering around DOUCHE III's history tutor. While not denying Russian involvement in the 2016 presidential election and declaring DOUCHE Jr.'s soft collusion with Russia as nothing all the while extolling the virtues of his "good boy, (For the record DOUCHE Jr. is 38 years old....the same age as the president of France) DOUCHE managed to bring a little of the old "class" that's he's so known for here in the States by declaring upon sight that Brigitte Macron was in good shape! Now, I know we're all looking for DOUCHE to grow up and to show us that he's making progress acting like an actual human being...well, folks, I think he's finally done it. For one, Brigitte Macron is in her 60's.....and it's well noted in DOUCHE circles that women have no value, sexual or otherwise, once they hit the age of 35...for DOUCHE to comment on what good shape Ms. Macron is in....that took guts folks! Not only that...DOUCHE found her to be in good shape yet did not try and grab her by the pussy or push Ms. Macron up against a wall to stick his greasy tongue down her throat whilst pawing at her wanted presidential, people?  Welcome to the show.

The thing is I might joke around on this blog and call releases tension...but this administration is dead serious in trying its best to breakdown our laws and institutions and to disenfranchise poor people, women and people of color is a way that presidential administrations along with the congress haven't done in a long time. We have to fight. We have to continue to be vigilant. If you know of a protest....attend it.  If you see some asshole in a Make America Great Again the motherfucker out. Call your reps if that makes you feel good (it doesn't work for me, but i understand) FUCKING in every election...not just the presidential one. Case in point...i'm one of those assholes who didn't vote in 2010 when the Tea Party took over. Call Trump a douche bag on Twitter (it's actually quite cathartic). Make Anti-Trump Art...the point is DO NOT GET COMPLACENT. with maggots like the ones running our country right now, our complacency could lead to Tyranny.  If you dont believe up on your Nazi Germany history. Democracies have fallen, are falling, and will continue to fall...if the people let them....And Tyrants, they are cowards by let's all stay in this orange-hued motherfucker's face!  

Stick 10:30 today we have artwork from the fantastic poet, Rob Plath and tomorrow at the same time the poetry of Devon Balwit


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