Saturday, July 1, 2017


Swamp Thing

It came from the depths of the sewers of New York:
Pasty faced
Flaming orange hair
Highlighted, feral raccoon eyes

Swamp Thing

Decades in the making
This instant horror classic hearkens back to the Golden Age
           of movie making when everyone was under
          unbreakable contract and everyone knew their place

It builds walls
It creates jobs for workers but doesn’t pay them
It makes business deals with the enemy
It reviles the people who trusted it
Lies to them and cheats them too and still they revere him!

Swamp Thing

Who could forget films such as:
            The Swamp Women
            Cat People from Mars
            Creature from the Black Lagoon
           Zza Zza Gabor In Queen of Outer Space

Swamp Thing out slimes them all!

Swamp Thing starring
           Mighty Joe “Young” McCarthy
           Roy “The Killer” Cohn
           Far Out Former NSA Chief Flynn
           Top Adviser Steve “The Terminator” Bannon
           Devin “ The Lap Dog” Nunes

And Guest Starring:
           “The Enabler” Kelly Ann Conway

Don’t miss it!

Swamp Thing is rated R
Mature audiences only

--Alan Catlin 

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