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WineDrunk SideWalk: ShipWrecked in TrumpLand week TWENTY SIX wrap up

Last Saturday I had the pleasure to attend an anti-Trump/Pence rally given by these wonderful PEOPLE up around DOUCHE MOTHERFUCKER’s Dark Tower in midtown Manhattan. I hadn’t been up that stretch of land since DOUCHE won the Russian-American Presidential election of 2016….it was pretty much the circus I thought it would be: police barricades, people selling pro and anti-DOUCHE souvenirs (yours truly bought a button that says FUCK TRUMP AND FUCK YOU FOR VOTING FOR HIM), and tourist assholes walking around in Make America Great Again hats.

Now…I live in a DOUCHE-friendly neighborhood but I don’t make it a point to engage my neighbors in saying hello so much as talking politics…so I’m not really around these assholes very much. But I got my full taste of them on Saturday. They had us right-doing protestors in a pen where we chanted and marched in circle, and actually had to say things aloud (in 2017 mind you) like “Muslims are people,” “Women are people,” “Black people are people.” Again…we’re chanting this in 2017. They had a very small smattering of Pro-DOUCHE supporters across the street with their requisite American flags and DOUCHE banners and MAGA hats.  Boy, the anger and venom spewing from these small people. Pumping their fists and chanting USA! USA! USA! While holding signs that read “build that wall” or “go home Muslims” or “No sharia law in America” I mean what a pack of self-deluded, craven nationalists. I mean there was this blonde Barbie-doll looking thing jumping up and clapping as all the bros in Trump hats chanted “lock her up, lock her up” as if Hillary Clinton was even a factor in this shit at this point…talk about your misdirected anger! Such sad little people.

But the march…I don’t want to say it was cathartic…I’m not much of a joiner and I don’t really look for catharsis in being around other people. I’m with Sartre on my opinions of people. But it was good to get out there and chant and scream and have our voices heard in a large group…you can get to feeling kind of futile and alone in this puerile country these days…if you get a chance to protest that asshole and his fascist regime…I say do it.

So….week Twenty Six……what's the word? Let's take a slide to the entertainment side before we get into the swamp.  Here's Ally Malinenko with a little bit of sci/fi news: 

Hello Kittens…in non-Trump related awesome feminist news we got a new nerd pope on Sunday….or shall I say a new nerd Queen because it was announced that Jodie Whittaker would be the new Doctor Who. 

It’s a woman, guys. It’s a WOMAN. 

The new Doctor is a woman. Naturally the internet lost its mind. Much of the backlash was ridiculous with their #NotMyDoctor and #DoctorHo and #NurseWho though in all honesty the “Loss of a role model for boys” really stung the most. Not only because it implies that boys don’t have enough role models which we all know is pure rubbish but because more so it implies that a woman is not someone that a boy can view as a role model. That’s the message we’re teaching young boys. That’s the message we’re teaching young girls. Women are not role models.
Women are not heroes.
So while one side of the internet fumed with #NotMyDoctor crap, the other side of it reveled in the casting with lots of videos popping up of young girls watching the trailer and seeing themselves represented and squealing with delight and all those things that make me cry because as I have said a thousand and one times, representation matters. That girls all over the world could see themselves in one of the warmest most loving two-hearted alien that has ever existed mattered. And I know what you’re thinking. It’s just a show. It’s not a real person. It’s a character, Ally, get over it. Except the thing is, it is real. Storytelling matters. It is literally how we come to understand ourselves.
As Steven Moffat, one of the writers says, “History tells us who we used to be, documentaries tell us who we are now; but heroes tell us who we WANT to be. And a lot of our heroes depress me.
But when they made this particular hero, they didn't give him a gun--they gave him a screwdriver to fix things. They didn't give him a tank or a warship or an x-wing fighter--they gave him a box from which you can call for help. And they didn't give him a superpower or pointy ears or a heat-ray--they gave him an extra HEART. They gave him two hearts! And that's an extraordinary thing.
There will never come a time when we don't need a hero like the Doctor.”
And now, that particular hero, looks like this: 

For younger viewers she won’t be the “female” Doctor. She’ll be the Doctor. And that matters.
It took 54 years. But it happened, kittens.
Now get out there and go be heroes. 

Thanks Ally!

Well...I guess other than DOUCHE and The GOP now believing that collusion with a foreign government for the purposes of manipulating an election is just politics and business as usual....we'll have to turn to that ban of all care...or lack there of.

That's right, as of Tuesday with the defections of Utah Senator Mike Lee and Senator Jerry Moran from Kansas, America's number one Domestic Terrorist Organization, the GOP, does not have the votes to replace Obama care with a bill that would take us back to killing the requisite amount of poor people and people of color each year, while imposing medieval laws on women's reproductive rights. SKUNKED AGAIN, GOP! The bill really began unraveling upon being written but its demise was sped up this week by Senator John McCain being unable to vote on the bill due to his having to leave the senate to have a procedure known as a craniotomy, a word so rare that it gets that red underline in MS Word even if you spell it correctly. Essentially the surgery is performed to remove a blood clot in the cranium. For McCain it was a two-inch blood clot right above the left eye. A lot of estimates have McCain's surgery costing around $75,000 dollars if he were uninsured.....but he's not....Senator McCain, a republican who while he does not like the GOP's health care bill in its current form, and will most likely vote on whatever evil scheme eventually appeases all of the bastards, has a great deal of his health care paid for by the District of Columbia's small business health options program....yeah, members of congress and staff are considered small business men and women...and this program pays for up to 72% of any health issues. And considering most of these cocksuckers are already wealthy individuals, if not millionaires, whatever financial burden they may incur is nothing compared to what they'll do to the average citizen once they gut Medicaid and defund Planned easy John McCain....USA! USA! USA!

*an was announced Wednesday night that Senator John McCain has glioblastoma, a common but also very aggressive form of brain cancer. While I'm very sorry to hear this, I do hope
that should Senator McCain remain in congress that he vow to fight for health care rights, REAL health care rights, for all citizens.

DOUCHE's solution?  Well, hell, just repeal the ACA right now and THEN come up with something.  That sounds simple. Repealing the ACA is a empty, symbolic gesture, and if anyone knows empty symbolic's the GOP, right?  Except...NOPE....missing three votes that gang of fucking morons couldn't even do a simple symbolic vote to repeal the ACA....USA! USA! USA!

So what options are left when you're the head of a party so inept that they A) Don't have the votes to replace the ACA and B) Don't have the votes to repeal the ACA.....why just let it all fail, according to DOUCHE.  And what does that mean to let the ACA fail? Why I'll tell you : Letting the ACA fail by doing nothing or, as DOUCHE says, "Not owning it"  could mean premiums going way up or insurances leaving the ACA marketplace, DOUCHE could decline to reimburse insurance companies that have reduced low-income out-of-pocket expenses, or fail to enforce the ACA's mandate. The endgame is essentially allowing Millions of Americans to suffer (which is the GOP healthcare plan anyway) and maybe get sick and maybe...die, all the while throwing the healthcare industry and subsequently the US economy into a bit of a tailspin. That's right the president of the United States wants to sit back and sabotage citizen's healthcare, major industry AND the ever-loving economy by DOING NOTHING just for spite and because he didn't get his words, words....other than USA! USA! USA!

....and....proving the rotten apple doesn't fall too far from the tree....we're now up to 8 people who sat in on that nothing-burger of a meeting with DOUCHE jr. and the more and we could field a team more crooked than the 1919 Chicago White Sox.....USA! USA! USA!

Giving clarification to the Executive Branch in regards to their allowance of DOUCHE's travel ban, the Supreme Court upheld the ban but allowed for a broader selection of people to enter the United States...welcome to America, Grandma. That of right now, in the United States of America, both the Judicial and Executive branches of government have sanctioned a ban on Muslims for six countries entering the United States.....go ahead and keep calling this 241 year joke the land of the free....USA! USA! USA!

Speaking of free....O.J. is getting paroled. That's right after serving 9 years for the murder of his wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ronald Goldman, O.J. Simpson is being real.....oh, wait, he''s in for burglary not murder....he got acquitted  of murder. Guilty as hell, but acquitted....and let's talk about that for a moment. I remember I was on a 77B bus heading back to my home from my college campus when I heard the news. People had a transistor radio going on the bus that day, and when the verdict was read people cheered. I wasn't of liberty then and I'm certainly not of liberty now to judge people on their reactions. At the age of 21 I was well aware that the United States system of law and order, of government, worked for only some people....and 22 years later it's still the same. So what we talk about when we talk about O.J. in race. We talk about hundreds of years of slavery of the most brutal kind. Of rapes. Of families being torn apart. Of a bogus emancipation proclamation. Of Andrew Johnson not doing squat for Reconstruction. Of almost one hundred years of Jim Crow. Of Lynchings. Of the War on Drugs. Of Mass incarcerations. Of the United States unwillingness to pay reparations to Black Americans for the sins of the nations.....all the way up to the election of DOUCHE MOTHERFUCKER and his racist world view, his racist attorney general, who wants to start a new wave of suppression all over again....that's what we're talking about when we talk about O.J.....but we can't talk about O.J. really...or race....58% of white people voted for Trump...white people still have their fucking heads buried in the sand on race.

Of course....O.J. is also about violence against women. Over 50% of women who are murdered or have some other form of violence committed against's by someone that they know. It's a sad and horrifying's the country we live in



DOUCHE will find a way to fire Robert Mueller.  
Jeff Sessions wll resign....he's learning what it is to be DOUCHE's "friend"

And....the world won't have Sean Spicer to kick around anymore. That's right, on Friday America's favorite Bush-Hider resigned as Press Secretary after vehemently disagreeing with DOUCHE'S choice of Anthony Scaramucci as Communications Director.  Now what is so bad about this Scaramucci that made Sean take his ball and go home? From the looks of it he's your standard garden-variety loyalist to DOUCHE and a friend of the DOUCHE family, buddies with DOUCHE jr, Trophy Daughter #1 and her husband lil' bitch.....Scaramucci also seems to have no familiarity with the position of communications director....but considering DOUCHE'S Cabinet, his Mafia family of advisors, the Dark Lord himself, Bannon, are all vastly unqualified for their positions, I'm having a hard time following Sean on this one.

anyway.....another shithole week for a shithole country....i guess it could be worse...we could be Poland.

Stick at 10:30 we have the poetry of Ally Malinenko and Tomorrow at 10:30 it's me




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