Wednesday, July 12, 2017


ripped jeans

the young and fashionable women
are wearing ripped jeans again
just like they did
when i was young and far from fashionable
back then i sported ripped jeans too
but only because my fat thighs rubbed together
and wore away at the denim
until my parents gave up and bought me sweatpants

only in america
can we wear seemingly damaged clothing
and call it a fashion statement

what the poor must think?
what the people in foreign sweatshops
must imagine and feel when they make these jeans
for some twenty year old brunette in america
to go strutting down the street in
her cell phone plastered in one hand
a jug of ice coffee sucked on in the other

all of the curves just right for her age

passing dirty old men with trouble in mind
dudes old enough to be her father
who will no longer give a shit
what the poor think or what the belabored must feel
just as soon as she passes them
and they see the rip in her jeans
the one torn so strategically by some suicide case in china
a tear placed ever so slightly
right below the bulge
of her sculpted and immaculate
left ass cheek.

-- John Grochalski

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