Friday, February 9, 2018


we broke it we bought it

we broke it we bought it
us dumb white motherfuckers
founded a nation on blood and slavery
then can’t handle the truth
when hundreds of years of bile are sitting in the white house
innocent white little shits, that’s all we are
milky blind dove bars
we own this….we need this shame
plunderers and rapists!
precious, innocent snowflakes!
we broke it we bought it
never had it in us from the beginning
keep believing in that little myths
keep chopping down those cherry trees
more presidents owned slaves than had beards
keep thinking this time is some anomaly
that donald trump isn’t simply the american way
bitch, please….donald trump is apple pie
the full realization of the american dream
think some other celebrity is gonna save us
but please don’t stop for a reflective thought
we broke it we bought it
consider this next fourth of july
as we watch fireworks and shove down hot dogs
down our privileged throats
who broke their backs building the oval office?
who sweat and died and had families ripped apart
so that you can wave flags
and cheer on a parade?
who owned this land originally?
oh, pleeeasssee….white america
this shithole ain’t nothing but a one-horse town
a clown car of racism
fat nitwits hopped up on pills
shooting each other dead from sea to shining sea

--John Grochalski

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