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WineDrunk SideWalk : ShipWrecked in TrumpLand week FIFTY SEVEN wrap up

In the biggest limp-dick order on gun control that i've ever seen....president* dipshit claimes that he ordered the Justice Department to seek legislation that would ban the "bump stocks" that turn semi-automatic weapons into automatic weapons.....well....hallelujah we're all saved! thanks president* dipshit! While a outright ban on "bump stocks" would go somewhat against the NRA and its domestic terrorist agenda, these devices are not seen as an actual big deal to have take president* dipshit's orders for what they are.....bullshit.

Further bullshit? How about the Florida REPUBLICAN controlled State-House outright rejection a to even CONSIDER a ban on large-capacity magazines and assault weapons....not actually VOTE on this, but to even CONSIDER it....what makes this all the more nefarious yet totally in line with how republicans treat citizens who aren't dangling lobby dollars in front of them....they rejected even CONSIDERING a bill with  students from Stoneman Douglas School in the gallery


(I can't take credit for calling Trump president*.....Charles Blow has been doing that recently on his Twitter and I like the way it looks).

To be honest....i dont even have a fucking clue what's going on with this Russian investigation at this point...there are so many people being indicted and lawyers pleading guilty, and if you read the insane tweets of the president* you'd think Obama and Putin cooked this whole business up together over a bottle of vodka back in 2014....I will say this....the noose does seem to be tightening around Trump's fat neck. Though I know it won't happen I'd love to see him in jail....but I'd settle for him disgraced and spending his remaining sad days in his shit-hole Florida golf course finger-fucking snow globes like Charles Foster Cain.

OMG...Jared Kushner might have his temporary Security Clearance revoked....that is if that oak of American "stability" John F. Kelly has his way. Kelly's plan is to revoke all security clearances for those who are still pending since June 1, 2017.....and because Jared Kushner and his slum-lord shady business practices have made a background check a wonderland of twists and turns, he STILL doesn't not have his security clearance in good faith.....but, never you fear, Jared is not going down without a fight....he's become quite used to the comic book panels that pass for daily briefings these days and is spending his time moaning and whining to anyone who will listen.....i hope it works out for you,'s a dark day when a white boy in America who was born into privilege doesn't get everything and anything that he wants....i mean what are we fighting for if that can't happen? maybe you can talk your rapist/racist father-in-law into firing Kelly once and for all....hell, maybe he'll make YOU chief-of-staff....all the same...keep living the American Dream, Jared.

On Wednesday.....because stopping by the hospital where injured Parkland students where, en route to play eighteen holes or rounds or however you quantify the horseshit that IS golf, didn't seem QUITE empathetic enough, the president* held a filmed White House sessions with grieving parents from the many many school shootings that America is as famous for as institutional racism and apple pie. In his defense the president* seemed more empathetic than we've seen him in 13 months on the job (must be looking at the poll numbers) or it could've been the fact that he was holding note cards with such empathetic phrases such as "I hear you." If you consider the fact that Trump very well could've shouted out "loser" at some sobbing, grieving parent or student, this is a big step for the administration.  All the same it didn't seem like much got accomplished...just more back and forth...and dedicated NRA tit-sucker that he is, the president* floated around the idea of teachers carrying guns and maybe having undercover cops on campuses. That's right, folks...instead of passing sensible gun laws the GOP is passing around the old idea of making our grade schools/middle schools/high schools more akin to prisons. Hell, why not put some weights in the yard during recess??

Then to add insult, I guess, to injury.....president* trumpbabydick suggesting giving out bonuses to teachers who DID carry firearms in schools.

folks....a good lesson incorrect thinking...a quote from our rapist-in-chief

"I want my schools protected just like I want my banks protected."  uh.....well, after all, isn't the American Education System just a segue into a life in a soulless career? Why not completely break the illusion that children are going to school to be educated and not to become economy-supporting drones.

and this when the actual ARMED deputy on duty wouldn't even go into the school

While the president* was having his deranged "love-in" in D.C. lil' Marco Rubio and the NRA were taking a drubbing from folks in Florida over their failure to back gun control laws. Since I don't have the time or the energy to waste on someone who wasn't even competent enough to beat Donald Trump in a primary election in his own state, you can read more on lil' Marco's rough night right HERE

It appears Mitt Romney is ready and willing to drink the autocratic Kool-Aid

Wayne LaPierre brought his blood thirsty hard-on to CPAC this week attacking democrats and the media and whomever else the hard tip of his little dick could find in a fierce defense of the hopefully-one-day-to-be-repealed 2nd amendment. LaPierre said that Dems/the media and all other political opportunists were banded together to "eradicate all individual freedoms." Riiiiiggghhhhtttt because not wanting citizens to get fucking shot en masse by automatic weapons means taking away freedoms. Taking a page from the book of our dipshit/pseudo tough guy president* LaPierre also said that America needed to "harden our schools" with more armed comparison this week from a dipshit elitist Nazi wanting to turn our schools into prisons. LaPierre said a bunch of other dumb shit which you can read right HERE

But the icing on the cake had to be Wayne's going to that conservative tried and true (and TIRED) tactic of comparing citizens who actually want to see this country progress from the racist/violent shithole that it's always been into something that even faintly passes for the bullshit exceptionalism that we Socialists. Wayne.....that shit might've worked 60 years ago.....but you dumb fucks kept shouting the word Socialist when Bernie Sanders ran in 2016....and you know what happened, asshole?

A Movement.

So keep fucking with us NRA....the push back is coming.

For the record Comrade LaPierre was speaking to CPAC, otherwise known as the Conservative Political Action basically it was one racist/blood-thirsty honky fucktard speaking to an entire ROOM full of racist/blood-thirty honky Wayne had to make sure he had his big-boy pants on and talk tough.

Trump stooge Paul Manafort is in the news again....apparently Paul is facing NEW charges in the Russian Investigation...this time for lying to banks and money laundering think is EXACTLY what his first set of charges were.....well, if nothing else, Mr. Manafort is consistent in his desire to break the law....that said....I'm starting to feel like the only person who might ever go down in this whole Russian Investigation is Paul Manafort.....he's becoming the shitty Christmas gift you keep getting instead of the thing you really want. Like every day I check the news expecting....hell....what do people even buy each other now?  I'll just say I check the new every day expecting something DOUCHE jr. indicted....or Jared....or even the Rapist himself....and each time....all i a Manafort.

moment of zen?.....Ted Cruz.....fringe lunatic AND a  Simpsons Fan

ladies and gents.....the new face of the GOP......

In the last big news of the week (other than Florida's bullshit above raising the age to buy semi-automatic weapons from 18 to 21) was the indictment on Friday of Trump campaign aid and stooge, Rick Gates, who plead guilty to financial fraud and lying to investigators. Comrade Gates will be helping Special Counsel Robert Mueller build his case again...who else? FUCKING Paul Manafort.

.....Wake me up, Mr. Mueller, when you finally get to Trump.

All n all this has been another week of GOP horseshit, and it would be run of the mill if it weren't so sad and tragic that their chicanery has fallen, yet again, upon the backs of American families torn apart by violence.

I leave you with the thirteen months that the GOP has been in total control of the executive and legislative branches of government (while hijacking the judicial branch), it's been more than proven that, other than tax breaks for corporations and dozens of draconian executive orders, that the republican party does NOT know how to govern.  To be quite frank, I don't even think they care to govern. They've certainly proven that they aren't even bothering to court the next generation of what's their end game here? What do you do with a party unpopular overall among the general population, a party whose own voters no longer seem to believe/want active democracy but would rather have something more akin to an autocracy on one end and an unregulated oligarchy on the other end?

I don't want to sound like a fringe-Ted Cruz-style lunatic....but let me paint a scenario: it's late summer 2018. the Mueller investigation into Trump's/Collusion with Russia is at a close and it's been proven that there was collusion with the president's* administration. Let's say Trump uses Russian interference to claim that there is a "problem" with our election system (not too far fetched considering his administration is doing nothing to curtail continued Russian involvement), and that he calls for the 2018 mid-term elections to be suspended until this can be fully investigated. He gets the votes in a Senate/House that surely isn't moving to impeach his ass....and a quick run-up through the courts for all of the challenges to this act leads to a 5-4 decision by the Supreme Court to suspend the 2018 mid-term elections......what then?  I know this is most likely paranoia on my part, and that i'd like to think there's still some semblance of patriotism in the GOP.....but i wonder.

Anyway.....sorry for being long winded.  Today at 10:30 we have the poetry of Robert J.W. and tomorrow at the same time the poetry of Paul Koniecki

I'm out of here for the month (I'll be in a dimly lit room catching up on 13 months worth of International news).  March is going to be pretty exciting.....WineDrunk's very own Women's MARCH.....Ally Malinenko will be taking over the blog for the month....i've seen the submissions rolling in and I personally want to thank each and every one of you for contributing....and I hope you like what we do here and will want to stick around after March is over.

That said....for those of you wanting to contribute beyond March I will still be checking for send me your poetry/fiction/rants/nasty images of Ted Cruz and crude drawings of Wayne LaPierre with a hard-on....


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