Tuesday, February 13, 2018


shithole president

divide and conquer this land
like a fat slob solo over a greasy pizza
you and your thirty-seven percent
ought to get that number
tattooed on your fat orange ass for posterity
mediocre mogul grabbing pussy
faster than he ever grabbed cash
you got them all fooled
the rich ones and the poor ones
five hundred years
of white mendacity passing for nation and truth
now we’re stuck with the lowest of the low
oozed in on the back
on an electoral college more crooked than your own
“self-made” man
mcdonald’s chomping demagogue
plastic autocrat with a bad comb over
putin’s puppet taking democracy for a ride
slum lord of washington d.c.
now the whole nation is low rent
tiny hands
tiny heart
shithole president
would fuck your own daughter if you could
only open the rusty zipper on your cheap suit
and find your tiny little dick

--John Grochalski


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