Saturday, February 3, 2018

WineDrunk SideWalk : ShipWrecked in TrumpLand week FIFTY FOUR wrap up

Read any good memos? the the GOP is getting its way we're all going to have the chance to read one....I'm still trying to wrap my head around this shit, as I have to do with all things Trump/GOP....but from what I've gathered the GOP has their panties in a knot over this "secret" memorandum because it's supposed to show the Justice Dept and the FBI misusing their authority in gaining surveillance in the ongoing Trump/Russia collusion investigation.

That's right instead of protecting democracy by getting to the source of what is obviously collusion with Russia mixed with a whole steaming soup of obstruction of justice, GOP members of the House "Intelligence" Committee would rather turn on their own.

of COURSE it's the HOUSE "intelligence" committee...if even there's the moldy brown stinking center of our rotted democracy, it's core would sit in the House of about a body of government that NEEDS to be abolished.

in fact walking piece of lapdog slime, Paul Ryan, had this to say:

“This memo is not an indictment of the F.B.I., of the Department of Justice. It does not impugn the Mueller investigation or the deputy attorney general,”

this from a man who took $500,000+ from the Koch Douche bags after the tax "overhaul" was passed and is currently working to strip welfare, medicare and medicaid from millions of americans...fuck you Paul Ryan, you piece of oligarchical garbage


What this boils down to, at least from what I understand, is that these treasonous GOP shitheads are trying to accuse the DOJ and the FBI of an early bias in the Russian Investigation, that basically both were not forthcoming in their intelligence surveillance upon seeking approval from a Federal Intelligence Surveillance Judge in their continued surveillance of Carter Page, that treasonous shithead who was one of Trump's campaign cronies. The reason these GOP shitheads think there was a bias is two fold...1) The surveillance was paid, in part, by the Clinton campaign. 2) the rationale FOR the surveillance of comrade Carter was based, in part, on that scandalous dossier by British Intelligence Agent Christopher know...the one that had Donny John being pissed on by prostitutes.

The other angle these shitty treasonous GOP members of the House "Intelligence" Committee is playing is that Deputy Attorney General Rod J. Rosenstein used this information in guiding his decision to extend the surveillance of Comrad Page for another six months

Sounds like a scandal right? I guess so....if Carter Page didn't already cop to lying under oath and if he wasn't currently singing like a little bitch in a two-man cell to the FBI.

But the GOP believes what it believes....which is why you have Trump in the White House in the first place....Still....I don't get it...I haven't gotten it in a year....why keep defending this racist game show host when you've got a GOP golden boy like Mike Pence waiting in the wings?   The only thing that i can think is the GOP's abject fear of Trump's base....i mean they obviously have rich and middle class whites backing them up....those idiots overwhelming put the fate of their country in the hands of a rapist lunatic like Trump...add that to the base and that's a pretty strong have the rich and the middle class white padding their wallet on fat, juicy 401Ks while the working class and poor whites keep up their racist/nationalist crap all they while continuing to get fucked.

For the Democrats....they claim that the GOP members of the House "Intelligence" Committee cherry picked from the memo....I'm sure they it's up to the Rapist-in-Chief and his cadre of lawyers to decide if this thing is going public.

....and....on Thursday that's exactly what he did....going against the Dept of Justice and the FBI, the DOUCHE administration decided not to block the release of this half-baked memo....there should be no surprises would've gone against Donny John's type to put national security over his own daft belief that what's in this memo is actually going to vindicate him....which doesn't seem likely.

What DOES seem likely is another crisis for this asshole administration...for the whole nation...for american-style democracy as we know it.

....or the fucking thing is a dud and Devin Nunes is a traitorous asshole

The fact of the matter is....through Three Hundred and Eighty days of this....the Republican Party has proven, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that they do NOT know how to lead a nation, but only understand power through oppression and derision....i've never seen a political party end....i hope i live to see the GOP rot and die.

I didn't watch the Orange Rapist's State of the Union on Tuesday Night....and I didn't bother to watch it online afterward or even read a transcript of it. This isn't ignorance on my part, but a brief look at Wednesday's newspaper headlines showed me that I didn't miss a thing: misplaced and unwarranted bragging and attacks on immigrants.....the Trump Doctrine. And while I couldn't give a fuck less what that silver-spoon-up-his-fat-ass moron had to say, I've been curious this week about all of the think pieces in regards to Melania Trump in the wake of this inevitable Trump/Porn Star scandal. Why on Sunday the NY Times ran two of them in their Sunday Review, which you can read HERE and HERE.

Now I'm not Team Melania by any stretch of the word and victim shaming her for ever even taking up with a man who she had to know was a dirtbag and word class garbage, would make this whole protest of a blog hypocritical. But for all of those people celebrating Melania's small acts of defiance and for those wanting to see her add to the public spectacle by leaving that shithole of a human being, and are frustrated at her for having not already...I think what she's going through continues to reinforce something that a great deal of us, mostly men but still some women, have learned over the last year (or have simply chosen to spend our lives ignoring).....that no matter how much you may have heard about deplorable human scum like Donald Trump or, say, Harvey Weinstein, that the patriarchal pull of their power still leads women into situations where they are trapped in hotel rooms with that kind of dirt, stuck in cars with them, having to withstand their slimy hands on their legs under the table at meals, or worse, sexual assault....and that sometimes you end up married to a "grab 'em by the pussy" piece of shit like Donald Trump...and even baring his child...because of the wretched societal structure that was built in part along with the founding of this nation.

I do hope that Melania Trump gets away from a wretched creep like Donald J. Trump....I hope we ALL do.

Well...another week in TrumpLand....another week watching democracy erode....another week being governed by a party that forgot how to govern.

but we fight on......

today we have the poetry of Jason Baldinger at 10:30 and tomorrow is the poetry of Steven B. Smith.

we need poetry/fiction/art/rants etc......especially from Women.  Remember this March WineDrunk is having it's own women's MARCH....thirty one days of nothing but art by women and those who identify as such.  Ally Malinenko will be posting that month for us.....just make sure you put the word MARCH in the subject heading so that we know what your work is meant for.


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