Saturday, February 17, 2018

WineDrunk SideWalk : ShipWrecked in TrumpLand week FIFTY SIX wrap up

I'm on vacation this week....or what I like to refer to as Staycation...a week in which I overeat, overdrink, binge-watch movies, binge-listen to music, act as a man-about-town in various art museums, pretend I'm independently wealthy, and catch up on the many tomes that I've laid aside (i.e. catching up on comic book reading) the dozen or so of you who still read this weekly wrap-up I'm going to be brief this week and not my usual long-winded and "thoughtful" self.

So.....for this week.....


obviously the school shooting in Parkland, Florida, at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School that left, at the time of this writing, at least 17 students and adults dead.....if Speaker Ryan, Donny John and the GOP LOVE to do anything when there's a shooting, especially a school shooting, it's offer their thoughts and prayers....they do this in lieu of passing any kind of significant gun legislation that would prevent things like the massacre in Parkland from happening in the first place.  For the record this is the eighth school shooting in the United State since 2018 started....there have only been seven weeks in the fucking year.

or maybe Speaker Ryan's thoughts and prayers are with the fact that this human piece of garbage who pulled this shooting is in with white nationalists....just like Donald J. Trump and many of his supporters....nothing keeps a party going like shared interests

to go along with that...speaker Ryan must also be offering his thoughts and prayers to NRA head Wayne LaPierre's is a known fact that after each mass shooting in america Mr. LaPierre gets a long and sustained yet painful hard-on that he can't shake off for gets worse when GOP lawmakers begin to debate how we need MORE guns in America to counteract the people already mowing us down.

...on a side note...maybe if I'm the FBI and I'm being attacked by the Nazi in the White House and his deplorable minions in the house and senate.....i don't go and bungle a case involving a school shooting....but that's exactly what the FBI did back in January when they were informed about the walking piece of shit's desire to kill....I'm on vacation which essentially means the internet is dead to me, so I haven't checked Donny John's Twitter, but I'm willing to be he'll be having a field day with this.

anyway....gayly forward....

Speaker Ryan must also be lending his thoughts and prayers to "president" DOUCHE MOTHERFUCKER's budget plan, fondly known here on WineDrunk as the "FUCK YOU AMERICA" budget. This sucker is a doozy and I'm not sure what chance it has of passing in the Senate, but with all of the elimination and/or cuts to domestic programs and much-needed government agencies, this piece of heavily bound toilet paper is a Paul Ryan WET DREAM....among the more draconian cuts and eliminations: bye bye student loan forgiveness, bye bye Head Start, cuts to food assistance, cuts to medical assistance, bye bye ACA yet again, cuts to people living in rural areas....and a whole shit ton of military/defense spending and privatization of government assets.

But for as much as Speaker Ryan hates immigrants and poor his thoughts and prayers are probably going toward DOUCHE not vetoing any bipartisan immigration legislature, which the orange-hued rapist/racists said that he would do if he didn't get his shitty wall....we may soon see how serious Donny John is about this as on Wednesday a bipartisan Senate panel came up with an immigration plan that would bolster boarder security and seek a pathway to citizenship for 1.8 million immigrants.  You can read more about the plan HERE

OR....maybe Speaker Ryan's thoughts and prayers are with the 13 Russians, that's right folks, THIRTEEN Russians, who were indicted on Friday with charges of election a 37 page document 13 Russians and 3 corporations were charged with promoting discord in the United States and undermining public confidence in paraphrase Assistant Attorney General (for now) Rod Rosenstein...this is a big one folks...obviously it's not yet making the case that DOUCHE obstructed justice (although anyone with a tv set/the internet has already had that proven to them), but these first indictment are one more HUGE step forward.

lastly....maybe Speaker Ryan, like many millions of us, has his thoughts and prayers on a complete and total democratic takeover of the House and Senate in the November 2018 mid-terms elections...seeing as though his spineless ass and the craven GOP won't stand up to the game show host running the nation into the ground, maybe his thoughts and prayers SHOULD be on the nation taking his dumb ass out of power.

Well...that's it for me....back to sitting my fat ass on the couch and crying over Joan Didion Documentaries....but stick at 10:30 we have the collage work of one of my favorite poets, Matt Borzcon, and tomorrow we have the poetry of one Charles Cicirella

Remember...March is Women's Month...and in honor of that WineDrunk is putting out the art/writing of women and those who identify as such....i'm going to be hands off that month and Ally Malinenko will be taking over...subs are rolling in, but please send if you can...put the word MARCH somewhere in the subject heading...and also....don't forget about us once March's great to see a lot of women artists taking to this....but I'd love to see your work in April too...and may...and get the drift.  And for those of you who've been sending...thank you...if i haven't gotten back to you in an email, i apologize....i tend to pretend the internet doesn't exist when i'm on vacation.


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