Thursday, February 15, 2018


carnal anatomy
with a hint of vertigo deception

something burning
speaking of arousal, hiding and seeking with an affinity for poetry
 I climbed the spheres of musik and found no sound but the echoes of distant planets
 from dying worlds
 the silence of the multiverse in the breath exhaled from every babe
 all of us a monk and nun
sage or deviant
 of what would never be remembered
yet never forgotten- that's the trick of visions and the state of being
for every stream of light projected through crystal goblets
  a river of spectrum eternity flowing - a full feast of particles
 we love what we destroy
 how about we consume what we are
 to expose what we are not- plastic vomit voodoo reality dumb-show dim-witt solution, asymmetrical eggshell minds- cracking the yokes of infinite ideas
 and all we can come up with are wax-work constructs melting in the sun,
minds in flight
 we're not exactly igniting into the phoenix in a marvel of wonders
leaving ashes everywhere


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