Saturday, February 10, 2018

WineDrunk SideWalk: ShipWrecked in TrumpLand week FIFTY FIVE wrap up

According to our orange-hued, baby-dicked senile "president," having the opposition party not rise and clap along with sycophant, domestic terrorist GOP members, as you self-congratulate yourself for things you didn't do all the while acting like the usual mendacious, bat-shit crazy racist that you grounds for treason. Yeah? Yeah. The asshole said it HIMSELF. But, the truth is, Donny's not's called living in a democracy, fuck-tard. Sure, American style democracy is a half-farce built on the backs of slaves and designed to continuously exclude people of color and women who don't play along with the white, male patriarchy, from fully benefiting from it....but before your simpleton, rapist ass showed up and set us back 25 least it looked like we were trying to work on it. So cut it out with the Twitter, dipshit. And stop saying stupid things about treason, whether it be Democrats not clapping for you or now kowtowing to your stupid, xenophobic budget demands, when you might be one of the most treasonous people out there....LEARN HOW TO DO YOUR FUCKING JOB....hell you've had over a year to figure it out...anyone else would've been fired by now....dumbfuck.

anyway....welcome to week Fifty Five.

I don't know much about the Stock Market, which is why I'll never have money and won't fulfill my commitment as a white male in America, and will probably be found dead on the toiler at work with my ripped,half-soiled pants and stained underwear down to my ankles....but I do know that successive days of frantic selling and global markets falling isn't a good, it's stupid to tie presidents to stock markets....but I'm willing to play the idiot here....and I'm only doing so because of how much that orange rapist asshole tied himself to the stock markets, bragging about how robust it was, all the way pushing aside rules and regulations that were supposed to keep this kind of reckless trading at the stock market failing DOUCHE's fault?  No.....but let's let the braggart take the blame

...and remember....if by the time you read this there's another government shutdown....that's Donny John's fault as well. But while our plastic, racist autocrat and his asshole, racist jarhead of a chief-of-staff continue to play their xenophobic, scared little bitch tactics with border walls and immigrants, it actually does appear that the rest of the government IS trying to work together (although the House bill mostly fell on party lines) to pass some kind of budget and avert the second government shutdown in the same year since....FUCKING NEVER

Do I personally think bipartisanship is possible in this day and age?

let's just say I'm not planning on visiting the Statue of Liberty this weekend.

....but....i've been known to be wrong on occasion...if you want to call what the Senate and House agreed to as any kind of's a deal to spend more at its best. This deal settles NOTHING in regards to immigration and it leaves DACA hanging in the breeze, which is why Nancy Pelosi filibustered piss-ant Paul Ryan and his bogus House for 8 hours on Wednesday. But...I guess in the era of Trump one has to be relieved that bland centrist politics still exists in some form.

All the same....and estimated 554,000 homeless....41 million struggling with hunger including 13 million children.....and we're spending 85 BILLION for the military??????

America....doing its people wrong since BEFORE 1776

And on a personal note to your military parade, Donny John....I know that the idea of tanks and shit rolling down Pennsylvania Avenue makes you all hard and wanting to go and dump your seed into the nearest porn star...or someone who looks like your daughter....but we simply don't do shit like this in America....but maybe we should....You've obviously had this idea in your head for a while...and we all know how ideas simply don't stick in that head of yours...we also know that this parade idea re-gained its momentum after you witnessed the Bastille Day parade in Paris....but let me tell you something you might not know....something the poet, Ally Malinenko reminded me of as we were laughing at your ass over this....the French have a LONG history of overthrowing their maybe you have your little parade, baby-dick...and maybe the rest of us will start to get to work on that other part. case you haven't seen it....let it not be said that WineDrunk SideWalk is not a part of the cultural zeitgeist:

Also this week, DOUCHE lost another member of his Reich when top aide Rob Porter, a man responsible of getting actual policy before Donny John and helping to write his shitty speeches, resigned when it came to light that he physically, verbally etc. etc. assaulted not one but TWO of his wives....shit, Rob....why'd you resign, Bro...this is should've run for president on that....cocksucker.

Chief-of-Staff and head racist, John F. Kelly, already under fire for calling latinos "lazy" came under further pressure to resign because of his initial back of Rob "wife beater" Porter...not because he supporter Porter, mind you, but because he made baby-dick Trump look bad.  Personally I hope Kelly resigns...a lot of people out there initially thought that he was the adult in the room in the DOUCHE administration and that he;d bring order....but all John F. Kelly has done is prove what a racist/xenophobe with fascistic tendencies he ride off into the sunset with your John Wayne bullshit, soldier boy.

Though this comes as no surprise....i suppose this week's icing on the cake would have to be DOUCHE blocking the release of the Democratic house "intelligence" committees rebuttal memo to the one that treasonous swine, Devin Nunes, released like a dud last week.  DOUCHE's lawyers site the fact that the memo contains numerous "sensitive" passages...i.e. makes Trump and his sycophants look like a bunch of traitorous shitheads.

Honestly we should've expected nothing but treason and hypocrisy from a Trump White House.....and that's why we're keeping this protest going strong. So stick around because today at 10:30 we have the poetry from Thomas R. Thomas and tomorrow at the same bat-time/bat-channel we have the work of Victor Clevenger.

Remember next month is our Women's March and I invite any woman or anyone who identifies as a women to SUBMIT2RESIST : ....just remember to put MARCH somewhere in the subject heading.

that said....we still have to keep things going this month and you women contributing...please continue...we need you...we ALWAYS needed you....and you artists out there that have been there from day one to day THREE HUNDRED and EIGHTY SEVEN....keep sending me your work.....this isn't Trump's country or even the country of the weak people who support him....this is OUR country.

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