Saturday, March 31, 2018


Today's Lesson Misses the Target
Children shouldn't see a stranger
come into their classroom,
pull out a gun
and aim at the teacher.
According to tweets, the gunman,
an estranged husband,
should have waited for his wife
to come home,
because a husband killing his wife
should only be done at home,
where children are witnesses;
because children shouldn't see a stranger
come into their classroom,
pull out a gun,
and aim at their teacher.

- Emma Lee

Wishing Not to be Stalled
"I am glad it is going slowly - you don't deserve a bullet," Uma Thurman
A relief from the worry of a crowded space
and groping hands. Here I can ride solo.
A space from tossing a coin as to whether
to walk home or, post-Worboys, get a taxi.
An open box that allows witnesses.
Its movement a reminder you're part of a chain
connected to compartments above and below,
as they are: it's not just you. A hashtag can be
brushed off, mansplained, but each dismissal
strengthens the links. I might be alone in this
paternoster but its not the same aloneness
as when I was threatened, dodged fumbles,
told, whilst wearing school uniform, I could earn
extra in my lunch break in the red light district;
when I was the only woman in a venue watching
a band I had to review. #MeToo. I stand
in this compartment, dare myself to go over the top
and pray the momentum continues the revolution.
(Paternoster elevators consist of open compartments, designed to hold up to two people, chained to move slowly in a continuous upright loop so users step on or off. Users are encouraged to exit at the final floor before the elevator travels over the top of the loop)

-  Emma Lee

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