Wednesday, October 31, 2018


                              Hymn to Fundraising

to the democratic party
just because I signed yr petition
or wrote a letter to my congressman
or to the senator that probably stole his seat
doesn’t mean I want to give you money
it’s mostly that I have none to give
but I also don’t care that it will be triple matched
that corey booker, or kristen gillibrand
or martin sheen, or barbara striesand
or obama asked. I don’t care
that yr begging or that without
my three dollars, or twenty-seven dollars
the mongrel hordes of republicans will win

but, in the future, if you want my money
please run progressive candidates
candidates with a backbone
candidates that say change
and believe in it
candidates that will call out
this or any other administration
on its tyranny, candidates with an actual message
candidates that are not for sale
candidates that I don’t have to close
my eyes and say it’s the lesser of two evils
when I hit the probably tampered
with electronic vote button at the poll

please remember the first vote
I got to cast was for clinton
way back in the idyllic nineties
and we all know that the fucker
was basically just reagan
with a memory, a different color suit
and a horrible reputation as a womanizer

--Jason Baldinger

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