Sunday, October 14, 2018


Only 46% of White Women Believe Dr. Ford

I want to study them,
separate them from their spouses
pull them from their republican mind frame
and their Fox News.

(I want to pretend they are all Republicans though I know this to be a lie)

I want to know what they think they will gain
when they go to sleep each night
cuddled up with white supremacy.
Do they think that keeps them safe?
Do they think it makes them right?

What do they think of when they go to sleep?
Do they think of themselves,
under the hands of a drunk boy at college?
Do they tell themselves that they survived and moved on
that other women will learn to do the same?

Do they think about girls in body bags, the way I do at night?

I want to ask all my fellow white women,
what they think he will give them that their sisters cannot.
He will not share his power or his might.
He is not a guarantee of protection.

In fact, I wonder if they lay there at night
and sometimes realize for one cold terrible moment that
could be their undoing.

--Ally Malinenko 

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