Friday, October 26, 2018


by John Clayton

This Vietnam veteran knows that heroes are few and far between,
But we have them, they can be seen.
Doyle, Inouye, Kerry and McCain
On their honor, not one stain.
Vets are just people, like everyone they say.
Well, at least we started out that way.
Combat changes you, that I know.
Sometimes my mind wanders not knowing where to go.
Veterans, please stand to be honored, to be honored by all.
I will not stand, that takes some gall.
No!  I will not stand for you, who will not pay taxes for a vets medical care.
Say it to my face, you would not dare.
Oh, you are here now, that you are too old to go.
When it was your time, your legs had a bow.
Our BRAVE president, who causes GOP hearts to stir,
When it was his turn bought a bone spur.
Where were you, when my world was quaking?
Where were you when I woke up at night, sweating and shaking?
Where were you when I could not concentrate enough to work?
You said I was just a drunk and a jerk.
That mental health treatment just cost too much, that taxes will not reach,
And with that you turned me on to the street.
There is nothing wrong with him, that he didnt choose.
Hes just lazy and likes his booze.
Hes no good, on that you can bet.
Just walk on by that dirty old vet.
Trumpites are feeling frisky,
But it takes money to buy whiskey.
You say vets are heroes, thats what you say,
But not what you do,
when it comes time to pay.
Stand up veterans, look at me shine!
When more taxes are needed, well see if you have a spine.

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