Sunday, October 28, 2018


which one are we?

last week we were snowflakes
delicate little flowers
the tough guys on twitter called me mam
and gave themselves virtual high fives
but just yesterday
they turned us into a mob
angry mobs
despicable mobs
left-wing mobs hell bent on destroying america
skeletor coulter said
the president’s dipshit son
is tweeting the fear faster than we can produce it
every gathering of people not in MAGA hats
or dressed in the flag
seems like some kind of revolution
socialism in action
red meat to rile up the nazi base
i wish it were true
left-wing mobs hell bent on destroying america
coming with our jack boots
to smash the anthem and the flag
two-hundred-forty-two years of garbage
in this shithole nation
instead of women marching for their rights
instead of people in the streets
asking to be seen as more than less than human
delicate little flowers who have bloomed
out of this republican hypocrisy
that forgets the “good” men in charlottesville
the proud boys propagating their hate
the fox news propaganda machine
that never found
an alternative fact that it didn’t like
when they come at us like dirty swine
with their spin, their lies
man, i wish we were coming for them
marching down pennsylvania avenue
making trump piss in his diet coke cans
an army of snowflakes
reigning down a blizzard
on these hateful fucks
i wish we had them all
every last red, gerrymandering motherfucker
running scared.         

--John Grochalski                                                            

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