Monday, October 8, 2018


Meme Language Poem

He cannot even.
He cannot even, does not believe,
misspells “fact” as “F-A-K-E.”
Donald Trump cannot even with journalism,
with science, with Constitution,
with checks and balances,
oh, he cannot even with rule of law.

Donald Trump likes women on their knees
but not black men in shoulder pads on their knees,
but not sneakers or cleats or sweatshirts
with a swoosh for a label.
He cannot even with black men and brown men.
Black women and brown women.
Black children and brown children.
Donald Trump cannot even, not with black and brown.

Donald Trump sees good people on both sides,
he sees good people on the Nazi side
he sees good people on the Klan side
he forgets about my grandfather’s blood
on an overgrown battlefield in France
he doesn’t see Nazi shrapnel in his knees.

Donald Trump cannot even
America, America.

--Shawn Pavey

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