Tuesday, October 16, 2018


Do not.
Just do not.
Just do not tell me,
Just do not tell me you are too tired.
Too tired to care,
Too    tired    to pay attention.
Too tired to pay attention
    to what happened     today.
Too tired to listen to disheartening news.
Too tired to hear another lie.

Just    too     tired
Just    too     tired    to     listen
Just too tired to hear another speech
    without a complete sentence.
Another day of puking out Sean Hannity.
Another day of blaming sick people
    for being sick.
Another day of blaming poor people
    for being poor.

Another day of corporate subsidies
Another day of farm subsidies
Another day of offshore accounts
Another day of taking food from kids
    sp the rich can get richer.

22Do not!
Just do Not!
Just do not thank me for my service.
Just do not thank me for my service
    if you  can not muster the energy
    to listen.
The energy to pay attention.
The energy to be pissed.
The energy to look your neighbor in the eye.
To look your neighbor in the eyes and say
    This is wrong..
    This is immoral.
    This hurts America.

Just do not thank me for my service
    if you are too damn lazy to vote.
Just    Do    Not!

copyright by John Clayton

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