Friday, October 19, 2018


Tweets The Clown #7

With all that's gone round
All that has gone down
Makes one wonder
How in the world
Tweets the Clown is still around
Up there on that high wire
Mugging mocking thumbing his nose
Flying the bird shaking his butt
At the world
Cheered on by his cult
I mean loyal followers
Laughing at his crass attacks
On the helpless the defenseless
The victims
In the name of privilege
The great white hope
Wonder why Tweets
Does not embrace his whiteness
And stop coloring himself
In an attempt look brown
And the ones closest to Tweets
Can never tell him the orange truth
For they will surely be vanquished
You know what they say
What goes up ............
And it will not be pretty
So let us move on
And not be distracted
From the task at hand
Being better
We are better than this

Barry R Barnes Peace
10/8/2018 8:12pm.
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