Friday, October 4, 2019


Assembly Lines

In the manufactured reality
of corporate hypocrisy,
kings play, slaves toil away, 
ensnarled in

The dehumanization of work
The blind obedience to systems
The mechanical restrictions
The insufferable conditions
The compounding of errors
The unimaginative policies
The imbroglios of ineptitude
The theoretical disconnects
The ivory tower dystopias
The petty machinations
The insidious promulgations
The criminal exploitations
The entropic momentum
The social abandonments
The sycophantic masquerades
The underlying shitty attitudes
The bungled useless complexities
The simpleminded sloganeering
The acronyming
The passive aggressions
The excuses for every occasion
The cheap bastards
The shortcuts to nowhere
The secret indifferences
The endless entanglements
The inefficiencies of scale
The gummed-up works
The indecipherable quagmires
The misguided priorities
The lost dedications
The gimmicks
The mediocrities
The ass coverings
The phony pleasantries
The litigious proceduralisms
The unresolved issues
The hidden agendas
The patronizing proclivities
The despairing circumstance
The lackluster performance
The nepotisms
The pie-chart predictions
The systematic inconsistencies
The mouse trap
The squirrel cage
The discombobulated rage
The whole kit & caboodle
The multiplication of disinterest
The dead weight
The alienated obsolescence
The dysfunctional fallacies
The built-in bullshit
The offensive personalities
The nonsensical aggravations
The plutocratic pomposities
The fear mongering
The financial intimidations
The harebrained schemes
The procedural decay
The trinket giveaways
The retracted incentives
The promotional absurdities
The groveling
The stultifying incomprehensions
The daily indignities
The unreasonable demands
The backstabbing
The blame gaming
The fool’s errand
The look what I did!
The management fads
The asinine administrators
The suck-ups
The stonewallers
The band-aid solutions
The pious pronouncements
The stifling status quo
The mass production of pain
The gargantuan unraveling on 
The race to the bottom 

Stew Jorgenson

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