Wednesday, October 2, 2019



it seems to me
that the only ones complaining
about so-called cancel culture
are the little white men
with fragile egos
so used to being masters of the universe
that they can’t stand that someone
who doesn’t look like them
might not like the same shit that they like
and might take exception
to the way they’ve been depicted
in something that these little fellows
always assumed
to be the accepted cultural norm
or artistic canon

and these little white men
they act like slapped socialites
when someone voices a differing opinion
or a criticism
about some comedian
or some poet or some musician or actor
that they’ve held on a beloved pedestal
or treated like a god
and these little white men
take to the internet
with all of their little white men sycophants
(and, sadly, yeah, a few little white women too)
like great defenders of the first amendment
attacking anyone who disagrees
with their sacred and holy opinions
with the verve of nazis on a book burning bender
with a passion that one wished they could find
in all of the art that these wannabe vanguards
have put out
into a complex
and multifaceted world
that they’ve failed to understand
from the start.

--John Grochalski


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