Friday, October 11, 2019


Lies, Lies And More Lies

To myself, I must be true
But,  I don't know about you.
                       . . .
It's getting harder to decide
What's true anymore.
Fake news, spin. We expect
To be lied to by everyone.
Our Governments are the
Biggest liars of all, as I say
We expect it. Advertising
Is obviously legalised lying. When did this happen ?
No, that's a stupid question.
It's been going on forever.
I mean, when did it become
Acceptable and accepted ?
W.M.D.'s, that was one of
The biggest lies in my
Lifetime, and what happened ?
Nothing !
God knows how many
Innocent Iraqi people died,
Men, women and children,
And all over a lie, which
Our dirty, fucking scummy
Leaders KNEW was a lie !
And they never faced any
Charges for War Crimes !
How did this EVER become
Something that we just
Shrug our shoulders over,
The way we do now ?
We've been fooled and
Lied to again, again and
Again. But as I keep on
Saying, trying to get through
To you. When did we start
To accept this as normal
Political conduct ? I guess
We get the leaders and the
Governments we deserve.
I don't know about you, but
That makes me feel so

--Ian Copestick

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