Tuesday, October 1, 2019


There Is Hope

A few months ago
I thought we were finished.
Trump in the White House
Boris Johnson in No. 10.
It seems I may have been
A bit premature.
Not for the first time
( Joke !!! )
In the U.S. they are trying
To impeach the blonde
Bouffant beauty that is
Donald. This time they
Have got him on tape,
Being unbelievably corrupt.
Here in the U.K., that other
Blonde has been found
Guilty of saying to
Parliament "It's MY ball
And if you don't do as I
Say, I'll take it away."
It seems that there IS
Hope, both of the evil
Leaders have been
Tripped up by their own
Arrogance. Who knows,
Perhaps this might be a
Turning point, where the
Worst of all possible
Worlds has passed into
The past.

--Ian Copestick

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