Wednesday, October 9, 2019


the greatest american hoax

i sit here
sipping vodka
listening to soul music
as the madman president
goes apeshit on twitter again
he writes in all caps
like an angry five-year-old
if that weren’t an insult
to a child
i sit here
sipping vodka
and try not to think
that this racist lunatic game show host
this plastic tyrant
controls the bomb
like he controls the narrative
like he controls the press
that he’s so happy to loathe
i try and think
about baseball playoffs
and smokey robinson
instead of the millions of people
who still back this man
who pack arenas
to hear his bluster and hate
cheering him on
to violence and civil war
i sit here
sipping vodka
and wonder why me
and a million others
aren’t in the streets every single day
tearing it all down
in the name of justice and peace
but then i realize who i am
and where i live
i sit here
sipping vodka
as president madman
foams at the mouth
thinking maybe we’ve been given
what we deserve
watching the sunset on an america
that was never really
so great to begin with
that was probably
a flaming shitbag from its start
pathologically lazy
and immune
content to let its soul and soil
sit docile
continue to soak in
all of its hatred and blood.

--John Grochalski 


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