Tuesday, October 22, 2019


The Case Against The Case Against Socialism too

and next it’s not the poor here in the us of a who are the people of the welfare state but the rich who people the place of those who are bleeding the blessed people of the people of the us of a it’s these people of the us of a not the bleeding us dry rich who are doing the work that makes the money that should be more fairly proportionately put to their pay and not to the ripoff rich some of whom are getting nearly 300% more than their weary workers so which is better our ripoff corporate culture or a socially fair state where our poor health does not put us in debt to the rich and those same said rich take don’t away our jobs and we don’t lose our homes so we don’t have to live on the streets that our taxes have paid for and by the way those rich don’t pay any tax or at least don’t pay a proportionate percentage of the wealth they get from the blood sweat and fears of the people who should benefit from the so called welfare state yet as I said the welfare state people of the us of a are the greedy rich and as to the bullshit belief in a smaller government this will only benefit your rich republicrats who line your pockets with greens from their greedy hands true socialism is simply summarized by the word fair 

--Thomas R. Thomas

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