Saturday, October 26, 2019


To the End
“Masturbating in the factory of facts….” – Adrienne Rich in The Phenomenology of Anger

We watch Congress play Whack a Mole
as whistleblowers reveal layers of criminality,
connect the dots between treasonous acts
and delivery of bribes, favors, payoffs.

Pretender in Chief green lights Kurdish genocide,
high stakes distraction to give Putin
exactly what he wants—kills two birds
with one cruel, petulant tantrum.

Mainstream media misses the truth,
spews whatever talking points
Watergate wannabes in the White House
have carelessly provided.

We salivate for justice, restoration of normalcy.
Blackmailed/brainwashed sycophants ignore
overwhelming evidence of unlawfulness,
incompetence, corruption, unfitness.

--Jennifer Lagier

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