Monday, October 21, 2019


 The Power That Pulls The

These brain dead fools, both left and right
What do they think they are doing ?
Fucking up so many people's  lives
Driving down the road to ruin

Democracy, has it had it's day ?
What did the Brexit vote achieve ?
The politicians always have their own way
No matter if you voted to stay or leave

And of course they are not the ones
That really control a single thing
It's the CEO's of the corporations
Who say what tomorrow will bring

Politicians are no more than mere puppets,
The real power pulls the strings
Nothing more than muppets
Never mind their posing and posturing

It's the shadowy figures you never see
They're the ones to really fear
They don't need or want publicity
You'd never know that they were here

But, they are the ones who decide
What happens all over the Earth
Because they stay faceless, they can hide
They'll never get what they deserve

--Ian Copestick 

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