Saturday, August 5, 2017


the juice

o.j. is getting paroled
o.j. wants mojitos and golf
i remember it was october 1995
i was on a 77B bus
heading back to my home
from my college campus
when i heard the news.
people had a transistor radios going
back then
and when the verdict was read some folks cheered
i wasn't of liberty then
and i'm certainly not of liberty now
to judge people on their reactions
at the age of 21 i was well aware
that the united states system of law and order
of government
worked for only some people
....and 22 years later the shit is still the same
if i was black and on that bus
i probably would’ve cheered too
but if i were a woman?
so what we talk about when we talk about o.j. in america is race
we talk about hundreds of years of slavery
of the most brutal kind
of rapes.
of families being torn apart.
of a bogus emancipation proclamation.
of andrew johnson not doing squat for reconstruction.
of almost one hundred years of jim crow
of lynching
of colored water fountains and entrances
of lunch counters, water hoses, marches and assassinations
of the war on drugs
of reagan’s welfare mothers
of mass incarcerations
of the united states’ unwillingness
to pay reparations to black americans
for the sins of the nation
all the way up to the election of donald trump
and his racist world view
his racist attorney general
who wants to start a new wave of suppression all over again
alt-right cronies
and pepe the frog
58% of white people voted for trump
white people still have their fucking heads
buried in the sand on race
that's what we're talking about when we talk about o.j.
we talk about nothing
because we don’t talk in america
we just hoist flags
throw up slogans
and hate each other to our rotted core
so let’s just have mojitos
and play a round of golf instead.

--John Grochalski

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