Thursday, August 24, 2017


Tears, Detachments*

—November 09, 2016

Something sudden.  Bursts
of shadow, likely trauma.  Changes
allowing the brain a sharp corner.

Damage, loss.  To shrink, to detach.
Time may thin, easier for scar to form.
Tears, breaks, holes occur.

Evaluate history, magnifying
areas of place.  Waves of detachment. 
Troubling left untreated.

Tears, blood, strands of light.  Signals.
Serious changes, symptoms of
separates. The present, difficult.

Beneath the lift off, common growing.
Conditions pool, peripheral.
Best to follow recovery.  Numbed,

seal around the freezing, resume
activities.  Avoid filling the bubble.  A need
to heal.  Safe to socket; buckle in.

Done, stop.  Prepare.  Experience.
Recovery may be shield, limit, monitor. 
Follow-up, gain.  New eyes.

*an erasure poem, citing the booklet “Retinal Tears and Detachments,”
Krames Patient Education, © 2003 The StayWell Company

--Dianne Borsenik

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