Saturday, August 26, 2017

WineDrunk SideWalk : ShipWrecked in TrumpLand week THIRTY ONE wrap up

Watch out everyone...Stephen K. Bannon, or should I say, Bannon the Barbarian, is ready to go to WAR. That's right ladies and gentleman while DOUCHE MOTHERFUCKER is getting ready to play war games in Afghanistan, the former other half of this sick and twisted take on the white male ego, is ready to take on all of those people who frozen him out in the WH and didn't let little Stevey push his Nazi agenda.....using the "strong" arm "MACHINE" of the FAKE NEWS site Breitbart, Bannon the Buffoon is going to take on such mental heavyweights as Gary Cohn, Lt. Gen. (too many abbreviations here) H.R. McMaster, and Trophy Daughter #1 and SecurityRisk-in-Law...this should be exciting.

How long does the death rattle of the white, male patriarchy last? 241 years and counting folks.

Back in the real world DOUCHE MOTHERFUCKER is planing on sending more American troops into Afghanistan (because that has worked so well over the last 16 years) to do some hardcore winning...and because his flailing, racist presidency could use a boost, Donny John  announced his plans for "winning" on monday night in a public address offering no specifics on troop size or tactics other than "killing terrorists" our already lame duck president did promise that unlike in the past he would be writing no "blank checks" in Afghanistan, which comes as a relief since he and his idiot family have all but bankrupted the SECRET SERVICE

I guess if you can't blast North Korea into the stone-age the next best thing is keeping the good ol' home war fires going. Hey, maybe instead of sending more troops, we could send Afghanistan all of those shitty monuments to racist-ass confederate presidents and generals that are coming down

But, honestly, I can't tell what's worse....DOUCHE acting "presidential" or DOUCHE acting like the racist, clueless raving lunatic that he is....I mean would you accept directions to a highway in a strange city from that man? And if i can find one true fault with the media it's this: They're still, after all of these months, after all this idiot has shown them, trying to paint this moron as being somewhat presidential. Not that he's acting presidential. But the Times article on DOUCHE's speech links his plans, whatever they are, to what PRESIDENT Obama did, or what Dubya did, or....oh, this is just like Biden's plan. Really? Why compare this lunatic to ANYONE who had any hand in what has been going on in Afghanistan the last 16 this point headlines should read: CRAZY NUT JOB SAYS THINGS ABOUT THINGS....AGAIN.....we'll all get it at this point

Real Quick....Paul Ryan came out of hiding but, sadly, did not see his at least six more weeks of Trump.

The Solar Eclipse happened. The first Solar Eclipse to basically be over the United States in almost one hundred years. The next one won't even happen until long after I'm gone and cities are under waters and the water toxic, and people will have to go outside in spacesuits, provided the human race still exists....but wasn't this shit cool! I got me a pair of those solar sunglasses and started checking out the eclipse around 1:30 EST and kept going out until we were about 70% covered at 2:45PM. I'm not much for communal activities but it was fun being out on the street sharing my glasses with people, letting little children line up to see this once in a lifetime event. And people were pretty smart about it too....i didn't see  many jackasses trying to look at the sun with their naked eye. Even children seemed to understand that doing so was a stupid and dangerous act. It really looked like scientists got the word out on this one....until......


I guess not everyone got the message.....

Speaking of staying on message....where do beleaguered autocrats go when the going gets rough? To a NAZI rally of all things. That's right....on Tuesday Night the sitting president of the United States (25th amendment) held his 8th rally since his inauguration in the 108 heat of Phoenix, Arizona, where he doubled down on his racism, hatred of the media, so-called illegal immigrants and everyone and everything from the state's senators Jeff Flake and John McCain, all the way to getting his inbred minions to chant "CNN sucks" to hinting at pardoning that criminally convicted Nazi-fuck, Sheriff Joe about staying on message....Bannon the Buffoon must've been smiling his fat ass off in the offices of Breitbart.

Nazi strongman in one speech, DOUCHE's administration is all about "love and unity" in the next....and now the Orange Fucker is threatening to shut the government down if he doesn't get money in the budget allocated for his bullshit wall? Here's what happens during a government shutdown: the departments of commerce, education, energy, as well as the EPA, the Food and Drug Administration, dept of health and human services, housing and urban development, interior (and this includes your national parks), the IRS, the department of labor, fucking NASA, national institute of health, and the Smithsonian....all get SHUT THE FUCK DOWN. and estimated 800,000 plus employees get furloughed.......all because this King Lear of a whiny Nazi bitch isn't getting money for his wall...the one he promised his inbred, twat base....and wasn't Mexico supposed to pay for this, you gold-plated piece of shit?

And come to think of it....i'm not buying DOUCHE's whole schizo bit...and neither should you.  DOUCHE is a moron and a philistine but he's good at egging people on the way that all silver-spooned bullies are....honestly i think the pea-brain is too scared to do the job he was "elected" to do and is looking for a way that will still make him look good among his minions and those fat, red white and blue inbred sycophant slobs who attend his Nazi rallies.

Sticking with Nazis for a moment, on Friday DOUCHE, surprising no one but the last remaining clueless liberals and the news media, finally went ahead and pardoned Joe Arpaio, a man who has made it his life's goal to harass and try to harm anyone with skin any browner than a blonde ditz coming home from the beach. What to say about this? There's nothing to say about this except we've reached a point where DOUCHE is appealing to no one but the 20-30% of double-downed racists and nazis that are his rabid base. This is unexpected behavior coming from a craven fool such as Trump, who when asked about Hurricane Harvey, while slithering away to Camp David with Trophy Wife III and that idiot kid of his, offered little more than "good luck"

Democracy has learned some hard lessons in 2017.

Lastly....on the subject of hurricanes....can we fucking stop with the cutesy names? Hurricane Harvey, Hurricane Sandy, the badly hipster named, Hurricane Katrina.....anything that is heading toward land with 130 MPH winds and the potential to kill people and, in the case of New Orleans, shouldn't be named Harvey or Katrina or Anne or anything...You know who Harvey is? He's a fucking local butcher or the guy sitting next to you at the bar.....let's name this Hurricanes properly. Hurricane about that? Hurricane Devil? Hurricane Joe Arpaio? Hurricane Trump?

anyway.....i hope people are all right in Texas. As much as I'd love to see the Trump Administration fail....this is not one of those times. Let's hope the Nazi gets something right and that FEMA is there for the people who will need it.

I'm up at 10:30 and the great Jason Baldinger is coming at you tomorrow at 10:30.


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