Sunday, August 27, 2017


Supplemental Nights

minor regional poet, the end of town
the dust of modernity clouds over the lights
of a thousand lost art deco bulbs

almost show time, why not
maybe this is better
than burying oneself in a rathskeller
waiting out the new apocalypse

this is a cavern, for only three
so much time to stand still
the projector rolls
shaky white lights turns
to images on the screen
another different apocalypse

it seems all our entertainment
is dystopian now, all our images
are war, man vs man, man vs state
man vs supernatural, man as superhero

its if to say that the world you live in
isn’t that bad, there is worse to offer
there will be worse to come
please rationalize the Orwellian fantasy
you prefer, let it take your mind off
this current Orwellian fantasy

there are monkeys on screen
that take over the world
maybe the rathskeller
the sweat of a bottle, summer heat
would have been preferable

I leave the last picture show
I still hear it

the horror
the horror
the horror

--Jason Baldinger

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