Saturday, August 12, 2017


block party USA

the sky is gray
and the television weather forecaster
in the mini skirt
says it’s going to rain all day
and all of their american flags hang limp
and all of their cop flags hang limp
in the stifling humid air
the little race car pennants
that they’ve hung between telephone poles
up and down the block
have dulled their colors
against the lead pencil sky
as all the fine citizens
god fearing
country loving
true patriots for sure
sit on their stone porches
with bored, disappointed, scowling faces
kids crying
dogs barking
coolers full of uneaten hot dogs rotting
as the deluge comes
and i walk down their street
getting gleefully soaked in the rain
a shit-eating grin on my face
saying to each and every single one of them
what a lovely
and wonderful day
the good lord
has given us all.

--John Grochalski

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