Wednesday, August 9, 2017


Dear America

dear America 
you got what you asked for
funny how the party that denies evolution, evolved
funny how corporate America evolved
and the brutal thing about evolution is the leftovers 
extinction bound
companies have a true blue Industrialist in their power
most powerful man in the world
deregulation said with elation
tax breaks and smoke screen inflation
final destination
Americorp is born
the wingless cousin of freedom
in the style of government annals of time
evolution of the free market economy
Corpstate convergence
greed and largess
wall of wealth 
one percent love
we fail
we fall
and the new New Delhi created
caste down system
help for the ultra wealthy
we the cost of pollution
final solution
see past the illusion
see the heart of this movement
cold number mathematics
Jenga with the wrong schematics
the plan to turn us all into addicts
kool aid fanatics
you have sucked us dry
we can no longer buy in
that was the plan all along 
now we start the die in
health care collapsed
surviving on scraps
fragmented pioneers 
carving out homesteads 
with cardboard windbreaks
camping on medians
Americorp plebians

--Steve Quaken Bush

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