Friday, August 11, 2017


Better Than Anything On TV
for Bob Pajich

I guess there are still mornings
I get up and don't regret it
just as there are nights where the air
is blue and the cat is biting my feet
and shit, I just can't stay in bed
for another second. Get up, I say.
Go pretend you're worthwhile
and maybe you'll be worthwhile.
Christ, read a book or something.
Take a wonderful piss and make faces
in the bathroom mirror. Knock
at the neighbor's door, 3am
with a six-pack, half-empty High Life
half-way to your lips when the lights
flash on and the alarm sounds. Shit,
the son-of-a-bitch has got a gun!
Run, you bastard! Roll in your wife's
garden, pretend the cabbages are her ass.
Don't get self-conscious in front of the deer.
This is fine. This is normal. It's better
than anything on tv. This is your one shot
at happiness. Just this once don't blow it.

--Kristofer Collins

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