Tuesday, August 15, 2017


One Collapses, Surrenders

It’s another gray day:
potential nuclear war with North Korea,
more lethal grammar school shootouts,
demagogues relaxing regulations,
poisoning food, air and water.

Headlines blare fresh atrocities:
barrel bombs, drone-delivered assassinations,
sabre rattling white men
thumbing their noses at psychotic dictators,
backdoor attacks on healthcare,
abortion, civil liberties.

Ivanka and Jared,
Barbie & Ken dolls with political clout,
research personalities, trends
on clickbait news sites, Amazon, Google,
play diplomat, statesman,
walk away with profitable contracts,
trademark agreements.

President Pussy Grabber
demotes white supremacist
and scary skank,
blusters and tweets.
Spicey spins alt reality as poll numbers
drop into free fall.

The rest of us persist, resist,
do our best to pull the rug
out from underneath
Putin’s puppet
and his amateur cast
of corrupt pretenders.

--Jennifer Lagier

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