Friday, March 17, 2017


under donald trump

found myself
thinking about how it must feel
for melania under donald trump
i mean is it a horrifying thirty seconds
trapped beneath what looks like
two hundred and sixty pounds of orange plastic garbage bags?
does she imagine he’s one of his grease-ball sons
as trump pumps away thinking about
fourteen year old pageant contestants or thai ladyboys
are the moans of pleasure real?
although from what we’ve heard in the press
about the donald’s baby-dick
a certain amount of acting must be taking place
and does melania think about that?
like what her life could’ve been
if she hadn’t traded it all to become a trophy wife
to america’s biggest philistine
would it be B horror or B comedy films?
the harmless tit flick on late night cable tv
would the modeling career have taken off
jet setting and celebrity romance?
or maybe she would’ve chucked it all
and become a neurosurgeon
…i’m talking after the work visa came through
does she regret being a part of the birther movement
christ, can she even breathe under that slobbering beast?
wondering what pussy he grabbed on the way home
if it was assault, consensual at all?
i can’t even imagine being asphyxiated under that nazi
smelling his red meat breath
tasting his poisoned saliva
while being bitch-slapped with his comb-over
…and pretending to like it?
give melania the academy award for that one
or better yet for even being able to smile in public
holding hands with that philandering, sherbet grinch
i don’t even know
what got me thinking about this shit in the first place
i was in midtown and i was hungry
i got lost looking for the NBC store at rockefeller center
and some black dude tried to hand me a cd of music
saying don’t be scared of black people, when i wouldn’t take it
and i thought about being frightened
being truly frightened
and then she just came to me
melania under donald trump
pretending at her job like we all do
giving his flabby ass a cursory squeeze
secretly praying for him to finish in under twenty seconds
hoping for a better and more fulfilling life
or maybe just to get fired
grab the kid
a stack of cash
and take the first available flight
back to stunning slovenia           

--John Grochalski


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