Monday, March 20, 2017


United States of Addicts

Before we built Our shrines to
revolutionaries and reformist
seeking to make our nation
Equal, Free and Great

This has been perverted
Equal - if you conform
Free - only if you are received
Great - a hateful lie to enrage the ignorant

The shrines built now to the plastic people
with fancy names and famous spouses
They flock to their weekly televised antics
by the millions to get their fix -
greed, hate, ignorance and debauchery

And in our highest office
where a nation should be proud
There sits the deformed ken doll
neutered, stumpy, hate-filled orange creature
chosen by those addicts -
the reality TV junkies
"alternative fact" believers
too stupid to recognize the lies

Addicted to scandal and extreme
you voted or did not vote
like it was reality TV -
who is the next (insert stupid show) winner
and infected this nation with
lies, misogyny and racism

Welcome to nation of addicts
Their drug of choice is stupidity -
disguised in the form of reality TV
and now the presidency

--Melissa Pagan 

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