Monday, March 6, 2017


The Penis

Because it slips itself
into the pink silk purse
between our thighs,

because it protrudes
into the world
assuming a place

will be ready,
the penis is accustomed
to expanding

into space.
The penis determines
how men sit:

arms extending across
the back of the couch,
legs spread in an open V.

Because of the penis, men
slip what they won’t carry
into our bags:

checkbook, wallet, keys.
We accommodate,
carry big purses

that grow heavy
with a colony of things.

But, it’s the other penis

that’s powerful.
It’s the size of an arm,
grows from the forehead,

keeps the world back,
becomes the pen,
becomes the microphone,

becomes the mouth that shouts,

“Listen up,
my ideas are seminal.”

         --Donna Hilbert

Donna Hilbert’s latest book is The Congress of Luminous Bodies, from Aortic Books. The Green Season, World Parade Books, a collection of poetry and prose, is available in an expanded second edition. Earlier books include Transforming Matter, and Traveler in Paradise: New and Selected Poems, both from PEARL Editions. Her work is widely anthologized, including Boomer Girls, A New Geography of Poets, Solace in So Many Words, and recently in The Widows’ Handbook, Kent State University Press and The Doll Collection, Terrapin Books. Poems appear each month in the on-line literary magazine More at


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