Saturday, March 4, 2017

WineDrunk SideWalk: Shipwrecked in TrumpLand weekly wrap-up week SIX

This week’s wrap up is brought to you by the numbers 5 and 4 and by the letter B (as in billions)….for additional military spending.

So… “president” sherbet baby-dick gave his first big boy address to congress this week, and it was pretty much the schizophrenic speech that I thought it would be. A snow job for lack of a better phrase. sherbet baby-dick seems to be a master at the PR game i.e. act crazy all week off camera or in smaller venues, and then when you get to the show act like a calm and semi-reasonable human being….basically the “president” is like that verbally and physically abusive boyfriend/girlfriend/partner who acts like a total wet dream in front of people that you know and love…don’t buy into this shit, folks.


Because I won’t allow sherbet baby-dick’s voice into my home I read his little speech and for the most part found it to be a vainglorious testament to the absolutely nothing that he’d done and/or will do during his reign of terror. Really nice that he brought out the widow of a navy SEAL from a mission he authorized and botched…one the SEAL’s own old man SAID sherbet baby-dick botched….or was it the general’s fault?  The name game, the blame game…does anyone even know what time it is in Washington? Oh…and all of those standing ovations that the leading Domestic Terrorist Organization gave out….chills, right? If this speech raises sherbet baby-dick’s approval ratings (and knowing America as I do…it will)….but if it doesn’t….I heard Stephen K. Bannon is out there looking for a Reichstag to burn.

or maybe this administration doesn’t need a Reichstag fire….it need only sherbet baby-dick to stay coherent for an hour.

Speaking of Bannon the Meth-head….i was going to say that sherbet baby-dick’s speech reading like the ravings of a petulant 5th graders…but since I heard stevie-boy helped write the speech…let’s boost that up the 6th grade.

Christ…what an evil group of motherfuckers we have here. If you haven’t sat there and thought, gee, America has been pretty well racist for over four hundred years then you need only look at the privileged, dull, xenophobic, sexist, misogynistic, mediocre, idiotic presidency of Donald J. Trump to FINALLY get it.

What else?

bomb threats at Jewish community centers, desecration of the Jewish cemeteries….obviously and inside job and a plot from the left according to so-called “president” sherbet baby-dick…of course that depends on when you talk to him.

Turns out it was some dude continuously harassing and threatening his ex-girlfriend.

On that note….Happy Women’s History Month everyone!

It’s been a big week for current Attorney General, Jeffy Sessions. While sherbet baby-dick was wowing the liberal media Tuesday night (fuck YOU Van Jones), Jeffy the Racist was out there doing the lord’s work by rescinding the federal governments opposition to Texas’s voter ID law which requires voters to show one of seven STATE approved forms of phot identifications…this includes gun permits but NOT college ID. Basically this is Texas being Texas and trying to fuck over its increasingly Black and Latino populations. When Jeffy wasn’t fucking over voters he was “pulling back” on perusing civil rights suits involving crooked police precinct…thanks Jeffy!

BUT….Wednesday’s big news was that Jeffy the Racist HIMSELF may have spoken to Russian ambassadors during the 2016 campaign thus contradicting statements that he made in his bullshit confirmation hearing that shouldn’t have happened in the first place….if we lived in a rational nation….which we don’t. Of course the sherbet baby-dick administration denied this….but this is an administration that thinks climate change is a hoax and Jedi is a real religion so…. by Thursday Jeffy recused himself from any further investigation into sherbet’s alleged Russian ties….wrong R word, Sessions.

add a dash of Betsy DeVos and sherbet-baby dick extolling the virtues of a voucher education while pulling back on tailpipe emissions laws and funding for the Great Lakes…and we’ve got ourselves a pretty bang up sixth week in hell.

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