Monday, March 27, 2017


Check Trump

Conspiracy theories
escalate, most too quickly,
just like slasher films
from the eighties
especially the Friday the 13th

Man, Jason could move
fast and all that anger
taking lives indiscriminately.

Today we don’t need
the velvet glove or tabloids
to send shivers down
our spines.

We have a President
to do that for us now
in fits and tweets
and all out lies.

Trump can walk
back any promise
can doublespeak
every surprise.

He is the lord of the flies
and his minions seek blood
from the rock, money for
nothing but, what is the prize?

This blonde walks into the
White House with Putin at his side….

Am I right?
Am I right.
Am I right!

--Matthew Sradeja

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