Thursday, March 2, 2017


was just checking
if America

was stupid
enough to
elect him

now he
hasn't a clue
what to do

buyer's regret
how soon after

can we take
back our vote

(well, not

how can a man
take up the mantle
of power —

lacking humility —
think he will do good -
set apart they

spark a furious
on the land

when a man
commits a
heinous crime

yet was a
good man the
rest of his life

He is judged
by the evil
not the good

you say
“look at his
good promises”

but the vitriol
he speaks and
the vile men

he leans on
speak volumes —
time will judge

either Trump
will do what
he promised

which is vile
or none of it
which is vile

either way
we're screwed

slip this morsel
light on the lips
rest on the tongue

truth will nourish
the lie brings death
West Virginia
thinks he'll
bring back coal

and their jobs
will suddenly

now he'll take
what little
they have left

can't stop
gettin’ pissed
at the “man”
he's gonna
keep pokin’
at the wound

the electoral college
chooses who they think
should be president

think about that
for a second

--Thomas R. Thomas

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