Friday, March 24, 2017


steak and ketchup

good christ
don’t worry what the president
puts on his steak
worry about the women that he’s assaulted
worry about the black men that will die
worry about your muslim neighbor
trying to get home from work
worry about nuclear codes in the hands
of an orange-faced petulant child
with baby-dick syndrome
worry about putin and computer hacks
worry about the head of the EPA denying climate change
worry about backroom deals
using the nation for huuuuuuuuuuuuuugge golf courses
and high-rise apartments in taiwan
worry about your health care
worry about your public schools
worry about pollution
worry about the great lakes filling up with sludge
worry about authoritarianism
give our crumbling infrastructure a go
worry about what over four hundred years
of the patriarchy can do to someone’s psyche
worry about toxic masculinity instead
worry that the attorney general is a racist
worry about a neo-nazi lurking around the white house
worry about the right to choose
worry about families fleeing from gangs
in el salvador, honduras and guatemala
say a prayer for the NEA and the NEH
but for christ’s sake
stop worrying about what the president
puts on his steak
be it ketchup or unicorn blood
worry about who he’s coming after next
it might just be

--John Grochalski

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