Saturday, March 11, 2017

WineDrunk SideWalk: Shipwrecked in Trumpland Weekly Wrap Up week SEVEN

Week 7…and it’s been doozy.

I suppose we should start with the most outrageous and work our way around Crazytown from there, huh?

Saturday morning America and the world woke up to a series of insane tweets by so-called “president” sherbet baby-dick (I need an acronym for this gas bag because I’m getting tired of writing this…so fake ass POTUS45 will now be known by the acronym DOUCHE) accusing President Obama of wiretapping him in Trump Tower during his nefarious, racist, xenophobic, sexist presidential campaign that warmed the hearts of wealthy and inbred white people throughout the nation. Almost immediately FBI director (and DOUCHE enabler) James Comey asked the Justice Department to deny these allegations…but since the Justice Department no longer exists they were unable to do so.

See…the thing is Presidents cannot order unilaterally order a wiretap. Usually this involves someone, say, like the FBI and the justice department, going to a federal judge and making the case for someone to be wiretapped. If DOUCHE had one shred of a shred of an idea of how this country works he would’ve KNOWN that. But since he doesn’t and continues to surround himself with yes-men/women and an ex-methhead neo-nazi….he never will. And let’s just say all the stars DID align and DOUCHE was being surveilled…well….then most likely you just outed yourself as a target in an ongoing investigation…..fucking idiot.

The week also gave us Muslim Ban 2.0 which looks an awful lot like the illegal Muslim Ban 1.0 except for the following changes: Iraq is excluded from the ban as well as lawful permanent resident s and those folks with visas issued before that dark day of January 20th, 2017. The fucker is still as Islamophobic and Xenophobic as one can get. Hawaii has the distinction of becoming the first state to challenge this revised piece of camel dung.

Are we done yet….not even close, bud.

Paul Ryan, one of the heads of the domestic terrorist organization formally known as the Republican Party, helped launch the American Health Care Act (AKA World’s Greatest Health Care Act of 2017) this week, seven years in the making….and it looked an awful lot like President Obama’s Affordable Care Act. Look, I don’t know much about health care and I see a doctor about as frequently as I do Haley’s Comet but you can find all the information on the differences between TRUMPCARE (rumor has it he hates the name…so feel free to use it) and the ACA right HERE….or just find a raving old person on the street and they’ll give you a mouthful. The one thing I do know is that from what I’ve read it seems that a lot of those good old patriots who voted for DOUCHE are going to be affected negatively should Ted Cruz and the Tea Party republicans completely capitulate and vote for this thing. I for one am happy…any DOUCHE created tragedy that should befall his supporter I welcome with open arms.

Hey….GUESS WHAT???? The new head of the EPA, Scott Pruitt, doesn’t not believe that Co2 (or Carbon Dioxide as the Hoi Polloi call it) is a main contributor, a statement that puts him at odds with NEARLY EVERY FUCKING SCIENTIST AND RATIONAL THINKING HUMAN BEING OUT THERE….christ, Bannon wasn’t lying when he said these people were picked to tear shit down….and happier news my local Army/Navy surplus store is selling gas masks for 30% off!

...and for the record it was 60 degrees here in NYC on Thursday....Friday we had snow...
and today I froze my ass off walking to work in 20 degree

Hey the CIA is spying on least according to documents released by Wikileaks.
If DOUCHE is that mean boyfriend/girlfriend who acts nice in front of people you know,
Wikileaks is more like that cool boyfriend/girlfriend who does that one horrible, unforgiving killing your pet. the CIA might be using smart phones, smart TVs,
etc. to spy on people....big fucking surprise there.  In all honesty anything designed and
called a "smart" product will usually make you look stupid in the end...and thus this
is why I continue in my quest to be the last human being EVER to own a smart phone.

stick around we've got Linda M. Crate today at 12pm and yours truly tomorrow
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