Saturday, March 25, 2017


Ballad of the Dark Knight   (Put Out The Fire)

The movie theater was your second home
Now that memory is tainted through the smoke
When the Joker creates another Colorado storm

The Dark Knight rises on a Jersey Wave
All his rifles and machine guns thrown away
And Gotham cries for justice
What a bloody plague

Put out the Fire
Put out the Fire
Put out the Fire Before It's Too Late
Put out the Fire 
Put out the Fire 
Put out the Fire Before It's Too Late 

When the memory of a massacre fades away
And the lobbyists fight for the NRA
More victims to be claimed in the good ol’ USA.

How many more victims will it take
For a federal ban to see the light of day
And assault weapons rust in their dirty grave


I’m not sayin’ guns are solely to blame
You can hate me for my politics and thats okay 
But I’m just like you when sickness causes so much pain


- Ben Burns

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